Santa Fe

Heading out in a couple of weeks, and my last trip was a looong time ago. Restaurant recs? We’re omnivores happy to eat greasy food off paper plates if it’s good, but we’re going to want at least one meal with more than one fork in the place setting. Places with very good food that would tolerate a 14-month old if we’re there early enough especially welcome (we’ll get a sitter for at least one or two nice meals, but we won’t do that every night). Thanks.

Tom Hill would be the go-to on this, but here are a few good places worth checking out:

Santa Fe Bite - supposed to have one of the best burgers in SF. Also kid friendly.

Joseph’s - a bit more upscale.

Bouche Bistro - hip place with daily dishes and nice wine selection.


We were out there the summer before last, Paul–had a couple of nice dinners at 315 Bistro and Wine Bar, and another couple at Mucho Gusto. Both establishments were convenient to the Inn on the Alameda, where we stayed. Neither restaurant struck me as a place that would be troubled by kids.

Good tapas place in the old town section.

Second on Bouche Bistro. If you can’t get in, Galisteo Bistro is also very good. A casual place that blew us away is Jambo Cafe, in a shopping mall on Cerillos road. Caribbean and African food that is amazing.

If you get down to Albuquerque, Farm and Table is doing some fresh and delicious things.

I always pop into Vinagrette for a salad - one of the best poached egg/lardon/frisee salads outside of France. A great farm - to - table place for a casual lunch.

For breakfast, I grab something at Sage Bakery. The smell alone drives me in almost every day I’m in Santa Fe.

I was only there once, in and out giving a speech, but I had a memorable breakfast at Cafe Pasquale’s. I’d be excited to go again

Never been but heard very good things about CP. I’ll check it out next month.

It’s been, I think, 23 years, but I concur. I think I just had rancheros w salsa verde, but a damned fine preparation it was.

There was a prior thread a year or two ago that had suggestions. please let us know how you make out we’ll probably go there in July.

Thanks, everyone.

In addition to Bistro 315 and Bouche, Martin Rios has Martin’s which is outstanding, and Joseph’s (Chef Joe Wrede formerly in Taos at Joseph’s Table). Geronimo’s is excellent and sitting at the bar for dinner at Coyote cafe is nice. The Compound is a staple and dependable. In the summer the outdoor spaces of Martin’s and the Compound are particularly nice as is 315’s patio. Also the chef/owner of 315 is a devotee of spirits and has a good selection at the bar (and the bar menu is a bargain).
For NM cuisine The Shed is good. MU DU Noodles is great Asian. Breakfast at Pasquale’s, Tia Sofia, The Plaza, and the Tecolote are all worthwhile.

In case anyone finds this thread:

Martin’s: very good and ambitious.
La Choza: very good and casual/local.
Pasqual’s: where I had my first NM breakfast burrito 16 years ago. Still the best on the trip out of 3; blew Tia Sophia (which I wanted to like more) out of the water.
Sage Bakehouse: good tip. There were only so many heavy breakfasts I could take.
Santa Fe Bite: meh.
Vinaigrette: meh. The salad that eats like a cheese enchilada (i.e., loaded with so much stuff it was too heavy to be good). Service was very weak.
Four Seasons: meh as a hotel. Nice room; no public spaces or facilities and service earnest but not particularly competent (I don’t mean they didn’t kiss my ass; I mean they couldn’t manage to service the room between 8:30 and 1 when we came back for the baby’s nap after we asked a couple of times). The restaurant was pretty good but likely not worth the trip.
Coyote Cafe: actively bad.

Didn’t get to Bouche or 315 with the baby.

Between my quail bird-hunting trips to the Arizona-Mexico border and my trips down to Tempe AZ when my daughter was going to school there, I stopped overnight in Santa Fe a number of times. Always tried to hit Cafe Pasquale’s. It was always very good, although it’s been four years or so since I was last there.

Back from my recent trip and hit up Bistro 315, very good, and expensive.

Also had lunch at Thunderbirds on the square sitting on the balcony people watching. Really good fish tacos and the soup and salads were terrific at the table. Quasi casual.

I always stop for a quick beer in Evangelo’s. Good shit hole bar and music at night.