Santa Barbara Wine Store - But Need French Wine...

I get it. I’m going to just south of new world Pinot Noir heaven… but I need to source a solid bottle of French wine in the $100 - $300 range for a colleague that is in the area, passionate about his French heritage and attending a corporate event.

Any recommendations from the crew here?

Santa Barbara Wine Collective in the Funk Zone has decent selection of French wines if memory serves.

Renegade wines seems to have some.

+1 on Renegade Wines. Your best option for sure.

Here’s another one:

Industry Wine Merchant in Goleta:

Former somms that started an online store - purchase with confidence and let em know I sent you.


Friends own Meritage Wine Market down by me opened one in SB. Very good store here with high quality inventory and would assume the same up there

Really appreciate the rapid responses here! Thank you again.

Called Larry’s place first, but doesn’t look like they’re geared for immediate responses, likely due to the online nature vs a brick and mortar approach.

Ended up calling Meritage Wine Market and picked up a couple of bottles of 2017 Dagueneau Silex for $150/bottle. Felt like it was a good deal for that bottle (which I enjoy quite a bit, so one of the bottles will end up with me), and Bob Wesley is going out of his way to deliver it for me. @David - thanks for the great recommendation, as both the wine and the customer service were spot on for what I was looking for.

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Both Meritage and Renegade are great options. I find Renegade has a wider and deeper selection of Italian and French wines, but Meritage is thoughtful in their selections and often has one-off deals that are compelling.

Glad the rec worked out!