Santa Barbara Sparkling Wine Guide/ Map

How the times have changed. It seems like not that long ago {1980- 2000s}, there was less than a handful of wineries who made sparkling wine and most of them did so only when it was suitable and within their means. Now it is becoming a regular part of many wineries portfolios.


Norm Yost of Flying Goat was one of the pioneers in making sparkling wine. He made bubbles for us for a number of years.

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Thanks Blake, that will be helpful for when I come visit you this summer.

He is definitely the OG of Methode Champagnoise in our area for sure - and taught many others as well.

My guess is that not all of the wineries on that list are making them entirely themselves - places like Rack and Riddle and other ‘custom crush’ facilities will handle some or all of the process for wineries. And some wineries, not saying here but not sure, slap their labels on sparkling wines that they purchase as shiners.


Thanks for the reminder. I’ve enjoyed Norm’s sparklers over the years and yes, I agree, he has been one of the local pioneers in this area.

Jim Clendenen made some terrific wines, but only did so on a few occasions. So did Chris Whitcraft using fruit from Hirsch. Also, the Brewer-Clifton Sparkling Chardonnay 3-D Vineyard was surprisingly good and a recent bottle of the 2011 was excellent.

Hey, that’s some good news. I’m bubbling up in anticipation.

Me too! I think we are going spend a few days this time instead of just an overnight, so your map will come in handy. Will either get an Airbnb or stay at the Rosewood.

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The 2010 B rewer Clifton 3D Sparkling Chadonnay late disgorged (2019) has the tightest cork closure I’ve ever encountered. A bit scary trying to open them.