Sandler Wines Pinot Noir Sampler - $80 WITH shipping!

Sandler Wines

For those who don’t know Sandler Wines, you likely have not been to Falltacular, where winemaker Ed Kurtzman hangs out, and we all get to enjoy his latest label,and the wonderful wines he continues to make. His 2010 Keefer Ranch Pinot Noir was my favorite wine at Falltacular, and I have already ordered a 4-pack.

Here’s the offer:

3-pack sampler (Reg $116, Sale $80 w/ shipping included)
1 x 2010 Keefer Ranch Pinot Noir
1 x 2010 Bien Nacido Pinot Noir
1 x 2010 Clos Pepe Pinot Noir

Go to, order 2 of the 3 vineyard designates at $40 each, and I’ll ship them the 3rd at no charge. So they’ll get the 3 pack for $80, shipping included, as it always is with Sandler.

No brainer - order in! Thanks ED!

Easy purchase. Ed makes great wine.

looking forward to trying these!

Just popped my Berserker Day cherry on this one. Awesome deal!

easy trigger-pull here.

love the Sandler stuff.

IN!! Can’t wait to try it!

In! [cheers.gif]

Popped my cherry, first one of the day!

My first today, too. No way I could pass this up. [thankyou.gif]

Fans of Keefer Ranch Pinot NEED this sampler pack - it’s a stupid good deal.

2 + 2 ordered here

I’m in…great deal!

Me too.

What an amazing response! Thanks, Todd, Jeb and all the Berserkers!


Can we order more then one of these?


Great deal for great wines. Thanks Ed.


Hey Eddie K, if you had to drink one of these now and cellar the other two, what would the breakdown be; which one is drinking the best now?