Sandler Rolls Back the Prices, 33% Savings on 4 Packs!

Hello Wine Berserkers!! Happy BerserkerDay to everyone!

We’re going back in time to our original BerserkerDay V offer price of $100 for a 4 pack of Sandler Pinot! This contains:

2 bottles of 2016 Bien Nacido Vineyard Pinot Noir
1 bottle of 2016 Boer Vineyard Pinot Noir
1 bottle of 2016 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir (fka Keefer Ranch)

$100 and shipping is included!!!
Order the Sandler Pinot 4 Pack here:

The other Sandler 4 pack is the Sandler BerserkerDay IX 4 Pack, and is also $100, shipping included. This contains:

1 bottle of 2016 Lazare Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
1 bottle of 2016 Heintz Ranch Chardonnay
1 bottle of 2016 Santa Lucia Highlands Chardonnay
1 bottle of 2016 Bien Nacido Vineyard Pinot Noir

Order the Sandler BerserkerDay IX 4 Pack here for $100:

Shipping will be during the month of March for most areas of the country.

We can ship to most states, but definitely not Utah and Kentucky. Please email to inquire about states like Alabama that require an ABC letter prior to shipping.

Thank you very much, Berserkers!!! Happy Anniversary, Todd!!!

Ed Kurtzman
Sandler Wine Co.
San Francisco, CA

And… we’re off. Order placed. [cheers.gif]

In for the PN 4 pack!

The biggest B-Day no-brainer, every year. One of each.

In for a mixed 4-pack.

Order in. You can ship with other order on a weather hold.

HA! Thought you weren’t buying this year, as you have too much??

Ed can do that to a person…drag him or her in no matter what the budget constraints…

In for one of each. Thanks!

I’m in for several of each!!!

Hey Ed,

How does the 2016 Lazare Cab compare to the 2015? The 2015, for my palate, was a treat, as it was restrained and balanced, and unique in many ways to the heavier/extracted Napa Cabs (which I also enjoy).



Always wanted to try these. Today is the day. Thanks!

In for 2 x Pinot 4 Packs. Great QPR! Thanks Ed!

In for 4 pack of Pinot. May need a second. Thank you, Ed.

Paul, in my opinion, it’s even more restrained since there’s no new oak on the 2016, but the 2015 was 1/3 new oak. We’re bottling the 2016 on 2/13, so it definitely won’t be shipped before then!

Thank you, and thanks to all the Berserker Subscribers who have ordered. I just discovered this Early Purchase Offers forum, I’m a little slow on the uptake this morning, now afternoon!

Just popped a 2015 for tonight.

Bought one of each. Still sitting on my cab from last year - might have to give it a try this weekend! Thanks for the continued stunning deals.

In for a Pinot 4 pack. Looking forward to trying them.


In for a 4 pack of the Pinot. Have only heard good things about you guys.

This really is a complete no-brainer. Thanks Ed.

I try to buy Ed’s 4 pack every year!