San Fran April 25-26?

I know this is probably not a good time of the week but I will be in the area from Socal and just wanted to see if anyone was available (or even if you’re in town around then) for a cheeky offline?
Happy to look for a place or any recommendations people might have.

Probably looking to bring something like an older Wendouree and then something else (Rhone Jura Burgundy unless there is a pref for some Goldkap JJ Prum).

I’m around and I know of a place that doesn’t charge corkage, though I might have to take it easy. The event last week was a ton of fun – but it was very intense!

I’m also happy trying some other place if people would prefer that.

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I’d be down for anything really. Good food is always a lotus but more interested in meeting some other berserkers (and the wine of course :))

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Sounds good. Let’s see if there is any additional interest from others for next week; folks may still be recovering from the last event, lol

Probably best to just kill it…will need to provide more notice next time :).

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