San Diego/La Jolla Dining Recs

Headed to San Diego and rented house in La Jolla. Looking for dining reqs. Will be with 6 people and 1 child, so not looking for fine dining, but more just really good food places

My hit list in/adjacent to LJ:

Piazza 1909
Oltre Mare
The Fishery
Galaxy Taco
Oscar’s Mexican Seafood
The Patio
Taste of Himalaya
Nine Ten

Bistro du Marche
Nine Ten
George’s California Modern

Listed from least formal to more.

Thanks fellas

Addison’s for classic fine dining is a must, methinks, if you like that kind of thing. +1 for Galaxy Taco; on same street Piatti was a win for Italian, better than the others on that street.

get a chocolate shake to go at a Burger Lounge. Forget the burger. There’s one in SD.

When I was in college, we used to drive down to Boll Weevil for a late night burger. Sadly long gone.

We had a very nice lunch out on the patio of La Valencia last year.

Jakes is a classic on the beach in Del Mar, a fun meal.