San Diego Berserkers


I would like to be added to the events people have in SD if that is OK. I am fairly new to the board but have become very addicted to it…as I am sure all of you are! I would really like to meet some of the local Berserkers and drink some wine.


Chris Loretta

Chris has bought some of my allocations - he asked about San Diego events, and I suggested he post here because I know we have a good gang down there.


Thanks again for sharing your allocation with me! I’m really looking forward to tasting my first RM as I have read, here of course, that it is fantastic. Keep me in mind for the OC events as well. My parents live in Laguna Niguel so I am up there a lot.

Thanks again,


Well, then it’s best to let me know when you are around - we have a lot of events, many smaller ones.


Welcome to the Board!

The next event that scheduled is on March 14th. It’s a post Family Winemakers dinner at Sbicca in Del Mar. We did it last year and it was great. See the post below for details, and if you’re interested, just reply to that post and I’ll add you to the list.


That is a fun event…sorry to miss it, but I’ll be at Berserkerfest!

Thank you for the welcome. That sounds like quite the event! Thank you for the heads up. I would love to join. I will reply to that post so that it is easier to keep track of my RSVP.