Sami-Odi New Releases

Fraser and Andrea McKinley were kind enough to give us a pre-release sample of their two new wines. Both really good.

N.V. Sami-Odi Shiraz Little Wine #10: A blend of 2020 (51%), 2019 (31%), 2018 (3%), 2017 (8%), 2016 (5%) & 2015 (2%). Immediately expressive, deep dark and fleshy. A grind of pepper and plenty of spice. Layers of flavour and tannin structure that encourages and early peek. Delicious and soulful.

2019 Sami-Odi Shiraz Hoffmann Dallwitz: Ripe and juicy blackberry and blood plum fruits abound. It has black olive and menthol too. It is creamy and fleshy, driven by its fruit and carried by ample structural elements. It is big of flavour with everything in check. Perfectly ripe tannins carry the finish.


Shhh. I need these wines kept quiet so my allocation never shrinks! These are truly outrageously delicious and incredible wines. Fraser is top notch too.

Remind me what the typical wait time is for these please.

I tried to place an order for US delivery but they said they can’t do US delivery.

Jeremy - thanks for the preview as U.S orders won’t arrive for several months.

Trent - not sure what the current wait might be, but best to reach out to Fraser. He is pretty responsive and his contact email is on the web site.

You can also click on the bottle shots on the wine page for a little more info on each.

I signed up in Oct '17 and got an offer on the next release. There is only one U.S. release per year in January, with two wines offered. Shipping is in April.

Damien - just saw your note before I hit submit. Definitely reach out to Fraser. There isn’t a way to order online direct from him, but if you get an offer via his mailing list he definitely ships to the U.S. Be warned, shipping is not cheap, but still cheaper all-in than if you are able to find it retail here. (Edit: Just saw via WineSearcher that PLCB has the previous release Little Wine #9 for $62, which is roughly the same price I paid for release plus all taxes and shipping. Next lowest U.S. price for that wine is $99.99 at K&L.



Thanks Steve! Word must have gotten out because I signed up in August 2018 and I’m still waiting.

The PLCB is a special order. I doubt they can actually get it. Regardless, no shipping out of PA.

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Tom - thanks. I should have caveated “for PA residents”, but also didn’t realize it was special order rather than an “in stock” item. K&L is showing actual inventory, but @ $100 for the Little Wine and $180 for the Hoffman Dallwitz, which are pretty significant mark ups.

Thanks for the notes, Jeremy! I got my offer for these recently - it’s my first time with them. Hopefully, I like them as much as everyone else and can keep buying them year after year. Can’t wait to try these as I really don’t like most Barossa Shiraz usually but happy to be proven wrong here.

By the way, is the quality difference from the NV to the single-vineyard noticeable? And is the Hallowitz already drinkable or does it need a bit more cellaring?

PLCB pricing is quixotic as is inventory. Prices can be high, prices can be low. They’ll have things like this (although typically special order) and not have basic widely distributed wines. I placed an order and I’ll report back.

Hi Steve,
That’s the interesting part, I did receive an offer, and I’ve been emailing Fraser since last year. The day I received the offer I replied with a shipping quote request so I could include that in my payment, and he emailed back that he cannot ship to the US. I didn’t ask why, I assumed it had something to do with total production this year, because last year was an offer for 12 total bottles.

FYI…Fraser responded to my email overnight and noted the “waitlist is still lengthy.”

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My order though the PLCB was rejected.