Sam Sifton replacing Frank Bruni as NYTimes Food Critic

internal memo from Bill Keller here (contains some nice twisted logic)…" onclick=";return false;

Twisted logic? So, you do not approve of the choice?

i was referring to the quote that said something like “we had a list and then threw it away and picked sam sifton.” he’s the editor of the dining section so i guess he knows something about food, but i see it as a wasted opp to bring in somebody outside the mold and outside the company. everyone agrees that the impact of a nytimes review has decreased (same as a parker review) so instead of just moving someone from inside, take someone who has demonstrated to the food community - at some level - that they are enthusiastic and knowledgeable food. could be from the blog world or other smaller papers, magazines, etc., etc.,

But why change when you can mire yourself in the status quo?

As usual, you bring up a fair point that I hadn’t considered.

Old media. New media. You don’t know how to think INSIDE of the box man. I know it is a stretch… :wink:

is the box inside the walled garden??

There you go, that’s the spirit!

Yes, for a paltry $100 per year it is just the most lovely garden where we can tell you which flowers to look at and which to ignore… Don’t mind the locked gates… That is just to keep the riff raff out and keep you safe… And never fear, there is nothing to pay attention to OUTSIDE of the garden. Really, trust us…