Excellent piece; one look at the comments section and you read a visceral misunderstanding of salt as seasoning.

Interesting article, and good to know that there are salts that are “less salty”.

On a different angle, High blood pressure recently forced me to start monitoring it consumption in my diet and rethink its use in my cooking (not to mention my diet in general). I’m betting most people probably get in excess of 5000 mg daily. Would love to see any recommendations for websites or books that excel in recipes that deliver flavor with less sodium.

I’ll spare you the lecture on using the search function:

Grouchiness redacted. :astonished:

I’m a poster in that thread.

Because of my cancer treatment, I am now a salt freak. Never used to add much and was a little sensitive to salty things. Now I want to eat it by the spoon. So I am really focused on adding salt to maximum advantage without things tasting salty to other people in the family.

My apologies and I wish you well.

Milton, I’ve had the same experience. Since going through cancer I crave salt. I have low blood pressure so I don’t worry about it, and I can’t access NY Times articles, but I think if it’s “good” salt it’s not a problem for anyone really. Good quality sea salt is chalk full of minerals and is a super food as far as I’m concerned.

The only long term solution I have found regarding salt in food is to not eat anything packaged or processed in advance, or be ready to accept the high salt content. I was amazing to me how easy it was to reduce it when you stopped using anything you didn’t prepare yourself.