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SALT Vine Cabernet Sauvginon

A few of you on this board (and in the Facebook wine world) have already had the opportunity to buy and taste the wines. Based on all the messages I’ve been receiving for the past month, you’ve been wanting some more. We sold almost our whole production of the 2015 release in the span of a month.

We’re doing our first offering on WineBerserkers on Berserkday 11! I’ve had the great fortune of being brought into this project and these wines are fantastic examples of the amazing wines Mike Smith is making in Napa.

Due to the quantity of wine made, we have not submitted this to any critics for review.
SALT packaging phots.JPG
A little bit about the producer

Salt Vine wines is a small scale producer of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon crafted by Mike Smith. The idea behind Salt Vine is to take advantage short term contracts to access incredible Cabernet Sauvignon fruit that isn’t available for multiple years at a time. While the vineyards vary from vintage to vintage, what is consistent is that Mike is crafting beautiful wines from the absolute best fruit available to us.

The wines started with the 2014 Cabernet vintage. The 2015 vintage was sourced from the Wietz Vineyard right next to the Maybach Parcel. The 2016 vintage was sourced from all Rutherford fruit with the large majority of the fruit coming from Beckstoffer GIII.

The wines are aged in 80% new oak and all exude that classic Mike Smith texture

For Berserker day we are offering a couple back vintages at deep discounts.

2016 Salt Vine Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2016 is all from Rutherford fruit with the majority coming from a special portion Beckstoffer GIII. 2016 was a more classic vintage. Weather at the end of the season was moderate and the grapes enjoyed long hang times. The wine is a seamless expression of dark berries, cassis, cedar of cocoa. It has a lovely texture which for me is the signature of all Mike’s great wines.

Regular price $289.95.
[u]Berserker Day price (Free Shipping on 2+ bottles)

Coupon Code: BerserkerDay2020

The last of our 2015 Salt Vine Cabernet Sauvignon (only 24, owc 3-packs available) SOLD OUT!!

The 2015 cabernet is from the Weitz Vineyard right next to the Maybach parcel. Intense ripe berries, blackberry tea, sweet tobacco, cacao nib, and cassis. As the wine unfolds in the glass, caramel and sage emerge along with notes or freshly picked raspberry and blackberry. The palette entry is dominated by dark berries and chocolate shavings, then expands to include vanilla, warm baking spices, and macerated blackberries. The texture is plush and seamless while underpinned well integrated, finely knit tannins.

Regular price $900.
Berserker Day price(Free Shipping) 3 pack!! https://www.golden8wines.com/product-p/15saltcs3pck.htm
Coupon Code: BerserkerDay2020

Please remember to enter “BerserkerDay2020” to access the discounts. Wines will ship as the weather allows.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Order in!

Order in!

Hi Charlie. Doesn’t look like the free shipping is applying properly with the code, at least on the 2016. I placed an order anyhow, will DM to work through it but wanted to let you know here as well.

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