Salt block cooking

Anyone try it? I got a block and a cookbook as a gift. I’ve made steaks on it a couple of times. They were okay, nothing earth shattering. I tried some shiitakes on it and those were better.

Sea Scallops

Tried it once with shrimp. OK but didn’t have the hang of it but will try again. Just never seem to think about using it.

Since it takes an hour to heat the thing up, you’ve got to think about it way ahead of time. It seems like a bit of a novelty.

+1 on both counts. Did it with shrimp once, maybe twice. Was a gift from my kids (wife) for Fathers day last year. Someone did come up with a new way to make $$ for salt.

Never cooked with it. We have used it a number of times as a way to serve shrimp. Actually works well. Looks good and they pick up the salt the longer they sit.

This cut thin… might be interesting

Do you chill the block in the freezer or fridge?

We haven’t only because we don’t plan ahead. We intend to do so in the future.