Salmon w bourbon glaze

Tonight Traci made Salmon with a bourbon glaze that was outstanding. A salad of arugula with pine nuts, tomatoes, avocado accompanied…just absolutely delicious and I am lucky to have such a great cook…A 2005 Navarro Pinot Noir accompanied and was a good match but the wine was good not great.

Sounds great Tony. Grilled fish and composed salades have been the order of the day around here lately as well.

So there’s a use for bourbon after all? [shrug.gif]

Bob - it does make a good glaze…I am not a fan of Bourbon for drinking at all

Tony, make sure to try the Copper River at Costco. Gotta get there soon, they won’t have it for long.

we make these at Christmas time and give them out as gift tins. People LOVE them and always want more. Makers Mark is a very smooth sweet bourbon." onclick=";return false;