Salmon Help Needed (Sous Vide + Crispy Skin?)

My gf loves the texture of sous vide salmon, but I really dig salmon with a crispy skin. Does anyone have a technique to sous vide salmon and then transfer to a pan to get a crispy skin?

I tried it once but the skin didn’t get crispy enough. I’m afraid that if I fully cook the skin (5-6 minutes?), I’ll overcook the fish.


my first thought would be to prepare them separately and then add the skin as a cap to the tender sous vide salmon.
Here is a Chef Steps recipe where the leave the skin in place for sv and then crisp it.

Remove the skin and cook it separately. You make a kind of cracker out of it. I’ve done it both in a skillet and in the oven.

Thank you. I may try both methods in the name of science.

Oven method, as Sarah mentioned above, will probably be less messy and you can time it so both, flesh and skin, are basically ready at the exact same time.

you won’t overcook it if you put it on the pan after sous vide. Just make sure you have plenty of oil and a really hot pan.

if you’re geek enough to buy a sous vide, get yoself a searzall

I just heat my grill to pizza temp while the salmon is in the bath and drop it on the 600 degree grate for about 3 minutes. Kinda drys the top and sears the skin.