Salmon Belly

Salmon Belly,

I used to cut it off and throw away ( making a uniform thickness fillet ) when I’d buy my salmon fillets, but lately I have been cutting it off and vacuum packaging them to use at a later date. I had two packages of three belly, this is about 6-8 oz of meat. I ghetto sous vide the belly @ about 130/ 6 min, knowing I’m making Salmon cakes. This creates a lot of white protein in sous vide bag. I removed the belly and washed the white off and allowed to cool a bit.

Meanwhile saute in butter, season with my father-in-laws spicy seasoning salt
3 baby carrots
1 /2 celery
2 scallions
1 small shallot

Cooled, I was going to remove the skin from the belly, but it crumbled into a nice texture with the firm meat…so in it went.
added 2 t meyo, 1/2 t Maille, cayenne pepper/ malbar pepper and 1 egg white and Italian crumbs to bind ( re-coated in crumbs too ). Make cakes and allow to sit 1 hr. Pan fried in EVOO

I made a Kishu Mandarin Orange/ parsley aioli to top.

Dont waste the belly, it is fabulous with good fats, and if I could get really fresh salmon, would be a killer sushi item. Since I gave up wine for lent… I had water [thumbs-up.gif]

I generally try to get salmon filets with the belly portion. We just cook and eat it as part of the main filet. It’s very good that way.


The belly of fish makes great sushi, love salmon, yellowtail, albacore, etc, all of those bellies are super tasty. Also, the broiled cheeks make a tasty dish, yum.

I picked up a bunch a few weeks ago, skinned and skewered them, tossed some Penzey’s bbq 3000 on 'em and flash grilled 'em. Yummo with an '06 Alesia SC pinot.

Yumm and easy!! great idea!!

Love salmon belly. We usually make tartare or rillettes out of it. Sometimes we’ll smoke it and make smoked salmon cakes. Sometimes we’ll confit it and serve a thin portion of it alongside the filet. No matter what, it’s too delicious to toss out.

Do you vacuum and freeze until you get enough to use?

Love the skewer idea as well.


We have three in the family, and we usually buy the 6 oz portions( roughly). So I cut the belly off to make the fillets more uniform thickness, then seal the three belly pc’s. So 3 meals and I will get 9 belly pc’s good to work with for a family of three.


I too liked the skewer idea… belly skin is pretty thin and , for me , actually work right into my dinner. [wow.gif]