Sacramento 2/24/09 Dinner?

I’m in town for business. Any Sacto folks wanna meet up for dinner? I think Enotria has free corkage on Wed.

Greg, I’d love to pop some corks with you. I’ll do my darndest to make it. What do you want me to bring?

hey Bob - Anything you like. I’ll probably have '01 Dujac MSD, so maybe a white would be nice. I made a resv at Enotria for 7pm. Does that work?

I’m thinking of bringing Frank Cornelissen’s Contadino 5. Have you had any of his completely natural unsulphured wines? If you’re not familiar with him, look for some info. I think it would satisfy your taste for the unusual. I can bring a white too. Jura? Muscadet?

Haven’t had a Cornelissen, but know about them and would love to try one. I’m a big Jura fan so that would be great (also love Muscadet). Looking forward to it.

Is Sacto so under represented on this BB? Where are all the peeps?

I’ll check with a friend who lives in Nevada City. He stays pretty busy but who knows.

My friend will be out of town. For the white, I’ll bring 2005 Domaine de Montbourgeau l’Etoile

This week’s menu has been posted:" onclick=";return false;

I got a shot to make dinner if my OR schedule breaks just right. What are y’all interested in drinking?

Sorry you couldn’t make Sunday’s phenomenal dinner. Hope this one works out for you. It would be great to see you there.


Mel & I were bummed too. worst of all…

no calls, I did nothing!

So what are y’all interested in drinking?

You should probably bring something to defend against the wierd stuff I’m bringing :slight_smile:

Got a domestic oxidized-by-design Chard we could road test? Have an 05 A-R Clary Ranch which I know you dig too.

Glad to see we have interest-look forward to meeting you Glenn. I bumped the resv to 4. I have a work collegue tagging along. I’m bringing '01 Dujac MSD. I may be offline tomorrow. Bob has my cell to get in touch.

Enotria Restaurant
February 24, 2010
7:00 PM
Party of 4

Enotria Restaurant
1431 Del Paso Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95815
Cross Street: Arden Way
(916) 922-6792

my vote would be for the A-R but on the other had it might be interesting to compare two oxidative Chards. Your call.

Ed, could you email me a list of Sunday’s wines?

If you want to do this dinner in Sac, I can run you up and back.

I will bring both - the glory of 0 corkage!!!

I know Enotria Gregg, just need a wee bit of luck manana!

BC listed all of them and so did Faust I believe. I’ll check with them since the btls are already in the blue can.

Would love to join you guys but I’ll be in Fresno tomorrow. Have fun ya’ll.

BTW - had the 00 Dujac MSD recently, it was sublime. The 01 should be even better.

[quote=“Ed Gonzales”]
BC listed all of them and so did Faust I believe. [quote]