Sabelli-Frisch spring release!

Perhaps a bit uncouth to mention your own release, haha, but I thought there might probably be a few people on the forum that are still perhaps curious. I am making the extension to the fine members of this forum to also access the mailing-list-only 2019 “Harris” Syrah from Mokelumne River. I only have 44 bottles left of this, spread over the case deal and the single SKU. Also getting very low on the Riesling, less than 8 cases left. Here it is:

Spring release is here!

Hello friends!

I won’t bore you with all the wine information here as you can read about every single of the 6 releases on the website, but here are the newcomers:

2019 Mission “La Malinche” - slightly lighter than last years.
2019 Mission “Hernan” - a new style, a bit bigger and more refined.
2019 Petit Manseng “Milk Fed 2” - new limited edition white, only 1200 made.
2019 Riesling “Obie” - a bone-dry and elegant Riesling w. tropical notes.
2019 Tinta Caõ “Luciades” - a bigger red, perfect for bad spring weather.
2019 Flame Tokay “Lanterna” - the very popular rosé, but a little lighter this year.

However I should mention the “secret” 7th one, the 2019 Syrah “Harris” that I have just for you fine people on this mailing list! This tiny vineyard only produced 1 barrel in 2019, or 25 cases. I have 6 cases (72 bottles) left of it and I’ll split that over two convenient packages. This wine will never be offered for retail or in the web shop, it’s only for you guys!

Here is a convenient full sampler case for $299 of all the 2019’s that includes the 2019 Syrah “Harris”. I will only make 45 (edit: have 34 left) of these available, so first come, first serve:

And for those of you who just want the 2019 Syrah “Harris” on its own, here is secret link to just that wine. Only 27 bottles left (edit: 10 bottles left), so also first come, first serve.

I should add that the Riesling is also close to selling out - I only have about 10 cases left of that one (edit: 8 cases left). So for those of you who have had a chance to try yours from the pre-sale and liked it, don’t wait to long on this one as it will move pretty fast. As usual, all other released wines can be accessed here:

I’ve decided to lower the price on almost all wines by $1, to $29 to kind of help out a little in these times. Doesn’t seem like much, but it brings the prices on many of the wines below thirty bucks, which just “feels” better. I’ve also lowered the price on the Milk Fed 2 to $35 compared to last years $40, even though I have much less of it. I’d rather sell out and you get to try them, than sit on inventory.

CA, NY, OR, WA, CO, NV, AZ, TX, DC, FL, IL, PA, NC, MI, VA, OK, NH, MN. AK also possible, but I have to charge you for the shipping as it’s considerably more. I can arrange shipping to other states not on list on case by case, just email me.

It’s included on any order above 6 bottles! And below that it’s still only $20, so pretty good deal.

I can only imagine how dry this Riesling is.

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I was excited to see that you are doing a Riesling … should be interesting!

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I might be doing more than one this year - I don’t mess around when it comes to bone-dry Riesling, Siun! [wink.gif]

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Hadn’t read your description of the Riesling until after trying a bottle over the last few days. Intensely tropical notes like guava and pineapple, along with that very soft mouthfeel. More akin to a Heymann Lowenstein Laubach with the weight and richness, although the acid here comes off a bit lower than the mosel wine.

Hi Dan.

Yes, I did read that someone said it had an oaky note, and although it was fermented in barrel, they were very neutral and probably 10th fill barrels. I can’t say I detect that note, but the barrels do add a little creaminess and roundness somehow. That and the fact that it went through ML also seem to push Riesling towards a more tropical note in general and take it away from classic Riesling notes. It almost has Chardonnay vibes, with those pineapple notes.

For those out there unfamiliar with some of these varietals and Sabelli-Frisch generally, while no expert, I just opened up the “La Malinche” '19. It’s the Mission varietal, and although if someone served this to me blind I would have no idea what it is, I would have immediately said “this is good.” Great nose, nice fruit, balanced, light (12.5%), hint of spice, smooth mouthfeel with enough acidity I think this will pair well with this Thai vegetable curry that’s on deck. I am looking forward to trying the other wines I picked up on Berserker day and if this is a first impression of LA wines I am here for it.

Cheers Adam, keep it up.

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Adam makes quality wine, no doubt. Buy with confidence. I’ve shared his wines with several folks and everyone is impressed.

I still haven’t tried his riesling, that’s on tap for the end of April. Looking forward to it!

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Thanks to all who bought the 2019 “Harris” Syrah! Only 25 cases were made from the tiny Knowles vineyard, so no surprise it was going to run out sooner rather than later. Good thing is it returns in 2021 and since crop was a bit bigger, probably be able to eke out 40 cases from that vintage. I have exactly two barrels of it, but still on the lees, so some will get lost.

I can also tell you that I had it the other night and it had really turned a corner, I thought. First 2-3 months after bottling it was not so integrated and the oak felt a bit like it was swimming on top of the flavors. Now it’s much more in the background and lets the fruit and acid take the stage. It will improve from here even more, but if you have two, might not be a bad time to try one.

Still got a little bit of Riesling left, about 4-5 cases, but shipping temps are getting pretty hot, so a window needs to be found.

I noticed that Adam Frisch was interviewed about his wines almost a year ago on the Golden West Podcast:

Podtail: Golden West Podcast
“Episode 26: Adam Sabelli-Frisch (Winemaker)”

July 22, 2020

“Adam Sabelli-Frisch is the owner and winemaker at Sabelli-Frisch Wines, where he crafts restrained old world wines, from low-impact vineyards, with focus on rare, forgotten, under-appreciated or historic grape varieties.”