What are peoples’ general opinion of Rye?
I like it a lot.

Some of my current favs are:

Hirsch 20 year

Rye needs to be my next area of focus. I love whisky and bourbon, but don’t know Rye very well.

All I know about Rye is the Don McLean song. neener

I drink a lot more bourbon than rye, but I do really like the Rittenhouse I bought a while back. It’s definitely spicier and has more abv than my house bourbon (Elmer T Lee). If I had to choose, I think the Rittenhouse tastes better as the star of a cocktail than on its own, but I’d like to branch out and try some more rye.

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Some prior discussion. I like watching the background minutiae of Mad Men, and I noticed that Don Draper is a big fan of Rye. Often Overholt or something similar, on the rocks in a tumbler.

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Has anyone tried (or even seen) Pappy’s Rye?

Black Maple Hill 23yr old is the best I have had, and I’ve tried the Pappy. Peter has a good price on it and they list an 18yr old Rye as well which I have not seen in NY.


They were near the top of the Google search.

I haven’t seen any Black Maple Hill or Pappy available from the NY wholesalers in a while.

One thing to mention, though, is that I like the sharper taste of Rye more for mixed drinks than sipping, so I am pretty happy with Jim Beam Rye, Old Overholt, or the entry level Sazerac for Manhattans and other drinks. They are all reasonably priced and readily available.

Rye seems to be unpopular (or perhaps unsellable) down here. Most places have the basic stuff but nothing higher end.

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Had Old Overholt on Saturday night. It was fine but nothing exciting.


Straight or on the rocks, I wouldn’t expect it to impress. But it does the job in a Manhattan.

If you want something else singular look for Thomas Handy Rye, also by Sazerac.

Thanks for the shout out Brent!

We have a focus on Rye this month, so people are jumping on Black Maple Hill 18 year and 23 year. I have tasted the Pappy and Black Maple Hill side by side and enjoyed both equally. The ringer was the Hirsch Canadian Rye 20 year aged. YUM!

I like that Hirsch 20.

The OO was with one cube, but I also tasted it straight.

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had the R rye at my reunion over the weekend, nice stuff
Though it did not take the 30 years off the highschool hotties like I had hoped

Found Black Maple Hill Rye (18 Year). Anyone had this?

I can’t say anything bad about the Black Maple Hill 18, but it didn’t ring my bell either.

I have some Abraham Bowman on its way to me and my buddy who is super-hard-core in spirits says it is the bomb.


The black maple 18 is fantastic stuff. You won’t be sad with a bottle in your possession.

i like black maple and rip van winkle. tuthiltown manhattan rye makes a killer manhanttan… whistle pig is very good for sipping… i find RI a disappointment

I tasted the Bulleit Rye 95pf last week. Very nice but I prefer Rittenhouse 100pf for less money.

Finally tried the Redemption High-Rye. I know it is not that well-thought of compared to some of the others mentioned in this thread but I thought it was pretty tasty actually.

Any thoughts on Templeton?