Rudius Cab - was/is there a 2007...


Sure is. Allocations were 3 bottles per, and production was about 100 cases.
Jeff also offered his 08 cab on futures for $50 each.
I tried to get more 07 on ‘wish list’. No luck.
I suspect the entire production is spoken for.

Thanks Bud!

LOL! I just logged into the site and see from the “My Account” => “Cellar Tracker” that I’ve got three ordered.

My bad. Nothing to see here folks. Move along, move along. newhere

Your wrong Ed, there’s plenty to see…I didn’t think you bought cabs.

I buy a few here and there. Gotta have something for the Mother In Law! (Oh sh*t, I think Jeff just kicked me off the list).

Besides, what if Pobega comes to Berserkerfest Pacific Northwest??!!!

Jeff, I keed I keed…

Pobega drink Cabernet.
Pobega like Cabernet.


Thanks for thinking of Pobega… [basic-smile.gif]