Roumier Echezeaux....

Yes, it does exist! I guess they made half a barrel in 2016. According to Tanzer, “This tiny parcel came to Domaine G. Roumier in 2016 through a share-cropping agreement with investors.” So, they own this parcel now? Think this will out price the Musigny?? [shock.gif]

They don’t own it - it’s a share-cropping (somebody else owns, Roumier farms).

I was told that the '16 most likely won’t be released but most likely the 17 will

As Michael says a metayage agreement, so they don’t own.
I’m sure when released price will be stratospheric, but still should be less than the Musigny-similar production, less history, and less exalted vineyard.

I would tend to agree with Dale; Musigny > Echezeaux on all fronts

find out who he does the métayage with and get it for half price—like his Ruchottes and Charmes. Or is it a fermage?

Alan, I think there are 2 other people farming the plot also (plot divided into 3 (I think)). I might have it in my notes but I’ll have to find them first.

I prefer Echezeauc by Eugenie… [cheers.gif]

ECHEZEAUX BY EUGENIE BETTER? SURe, but also more expensive. Although with the label “G ROUMIER” on the bottle it will not take that long to be expensive too.

Should try ECHEZEAUX by MILLOT (brilliant wine and a relative bargain compared to…), NATHALIE LAMARCHE or VICOMTE LIGER BELAIR (brilliant wine but enormously expensive…).


I can’t recall which parcel. As everyone is aware there are massive differences in quality among those.

EDIT: 0.1311ha in En Orveaux

Right you are. ECHEZEAUX is as a grand cru far too large. As such its quality varies enormously and therefore its reputation is not as elevated as all the other VOSNE grand crus. When it is in good hands and on good soil it can, however, be superb. And it usually is…

Greets from JOHAN

IIRC it is owned by Ficofi and split between Roumier and Mortet. The parcel had not been especially well maintained and I don’t think the vine genetics are especially interesting.

I must add that given the star reputation Christophe Roumier enjoys in due time also the ECHEZEAUX could be a much sought after collector’s item. For now it is not offered for sale not even to the loyal customers. it is easier to get hold of a MUSIGNY (what???) than a single bottle of Echezeaux. Of course within a few years things might be totally different here.


You sound like you are selling, Johan :slight_smile:

Hallo Bill,

Just being a bit too enthusiastic whenever BURGUNDY wines are discussed.

Just drank a GRANDS ECHEZEAUX 2010 from domaine LAMARCHE. Beautiful wine. Not one bit agressive. Like a beautiful lady waiting to be connquered. A wine you have to discover. All smoothness and lace.

2016 was a half barrel, vineyard not managed by Roumier, and not sold…2017 two barrels produced and sold…it is DOMAINE Roumier per Christophe.

I was lucky enough to taste this from barrel during a visit back in Feb. Christophe didn’t seem esp keen on the location of his plot (I don’t have my notes but seem to recall he said the parcel floods pretty easily), but the wine itself was aromatic and concentrated and one of the more approachable that day.

Hi All

60b of Echezeaux 2016 were produced under G Roumier label distributed to friends family and some employees

I would attach a photo of said 2016 but I don’t seem to be able to .

I’m in France and we’ve gone from hyper dry cold march April cold wet May now hot and getting hotter 2003 anyone ?

as far as I know word is it was fermage not métayage