Rotisseried Chicken and Yellow Zucchini with 1er Cru Morey St. Denis

Last night’s dinner was a rotisserie’d 4 !/2 lb. Pollo Real Label Rouge chicken, stuffed with half a yellow onion and half a lemon and basted with EVOO and SI Poultry Seasoning, onion powder, and lemon peel. It cooked for close to an hour and fifteen minutes. Veggie was Mr. G’s Farmer’s Market yellow zucchini, sautéed in EVOO with the other half yellow onion, two cloves of garlic, salt and pepper. Wine was an enjoyable 2000 Frédéric Magnien 1er Cru Morey St. Denis ‘Les Blanchards’ - rich, complex red and dark fruits, adequate acidity, with a long fruity finish. It was very good with the chicken.

Then for dessert we each had a glass of ‘La Vielle Prune’ plum brandy with a shared half a large Pink Lady apple, nice and crisp and acidic.

My kind of meal, sounds great! Love the pairing.

We generally have a protein and a vegetable with a bottle of wine. Very seldom do we have potatoes or other carbs, except when we have pasta.