RÖSTI is a swiss classic and a partner for the famous veal dish “Zürcher Geschnetzeltes”. But you can make it for all kind of meat dishes.


Save water, drink wine

I’ve only had this dish once, at a Swiss restaurant in New Glarus, WI. I seem to remember theirs having cheese in it, but I could be wrong. A friend of mine who spent summers in Switzerland as a child would always go on and on about rosti.

lots of variations when it comes to rosti. including if you should pre-cook the potatoes.


of course I know the debate, but I tried it once with pre-boiled potatoes and it didn´t work.

I find most spuds needs a good drain, usually I just salt them in a sieve over a bowl, but sometimes will also wring out in a cloth.

Yum, classic Swiss food! I want some.