Rogue River Blue Cheese

I have been following this for years, but somehow the 2021 batch is the best so far. The Best blue cheese I have ever tasted.

Creamy yet powerful, and so incredibly complex and balanced. It’s expensive, a pound costs $56 per lb, but certainly gives a lot more pleasure than the average village Burgundy.


Thanks for that. Something to look forward to now that it’s vintage port season.

I agree, really special. I think I read that the pear leaves and pear brandy they use are from a neighbor’s farm, so I think it’s neat they have the local-terroir thing down. It has this extra nuoc mam aroma and umami thing going on on top of the normal Roquefort-like blue cheese complexity that makes it fairly unique to me.

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Good for a bite or two. Although not as famous, Rogue Caveman Blue is my preference. To my palate, Rogue River Blue is too cloying for more than a few bites.

The local cheese shop carries it and the remainder of the wheel that came in at .50 lb and cost $23 with a discount. Amazing stuff.
Wrapped in pear spirit soaked syrah leaves.

Looking for it. Still haven’t found it this year

Murray’s has it

This is a nice blue. It has some salt. Much like a Roquefort. The texture is interesting. It is firm like a cheddar in many ways. I am enjoying it.

I loved it, but then again I always do. It does have a slightly firmer texture this round.

Mark, have you ever tried Roaring 40s Blue from King Island? I like it better than the Rogue River, but it’s a different style (wax capped, rather than grape leaves, so texture is different). Been hard to source the last 5 years, but Murray’s had it in stock recently and we ordered. Looks like they’re sold out now, but one to watch for.

I think I might actually prefer the Oregon blue from Rogue Creamery over the Rogue River Blue.

A proud-to-be-American, not afraid of flavor cheese board tonight…Harbison and Boxcarr Rocket’s Robiola in addition to the RRB.


Will check it out. BTW the latest batch of Mimolette is stunning there.

Love all those cheeses…but technically that’s a cheese plate, not a board champagne.gif .

Well I was doubly wrong, brain fart, it was washed-rind Willoughby not Harbison!

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Another soft cheese to try is Kunik from Nettle Meadow Farms in NY. It is absolutely stunning this year.

Zabar’s and Murrays have it in NYC.

Agree on the cheese but I think the farm is in NY.


Probably my favorite US cheese. I absolutely love it. The combination of goat a Jersey cow cream is perfect for me.

I like Rogue River Blue, but it is too salty for me to have more than a bite or two.

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