Rochioli small block offering out today

I am beyond thrilled! As I’ve previously posted on here, this is my favorite wine (esp the West Block) and waited 12 years to make “the list”. I ordered some of the Chardonnays earlier this year, but purchased all of the Pinots (6 different blocks totaling 24 bottles and wish listed 2 more West Block). I spoke to the winery today and was also told that their Syrah will be offered to list members in September. In addition, I received emails from both Littorai and Rhys that their fall offering will be arriving soon. This is going to be an expensive month!

Thank you for the reminder!

Thanks to you, I went and shopped, but never got an email from the winery.


When I saw your post, I got palpitations!!!


Glad to help Anton!

If you are ever in Chico, CA, we will pop old ones for you! [cheers.gif]

Wow, 12 years! i don’t recall how many years back I made their list, but thought waiting 7 years was bad. Had not been disapointed by their chards or Pinots since. Have not tried one of their syrahs.