Rochioli 2019

Have any reviews been seen. Has this vintage been tasted by any board members? Thanks

Haven’t tried the 19’s but I do think these wines are remarkably consistent year after year. I’m hard pressed to think of a disappointing bottle of any Pinot Noir from the Rochioli lineup.


Agree in general, but never really been impressed with any bottle of Little Hill Pinot. Not bad, but they have better wines for the same price.

Not sure I’d go that far, but of the many dozens single vineyard pinots I’ve had it’s definitively at least a 95% success rate. Give them just 5-7 years and they really perform. Age them longer and you won’t be sorry either.

As for the Little Hill, I was soured on it vs the other offerings a while back, but lately Little Hill has been turning the tide.

Honestly I was a bit shocked by the prices in yesterdays email for the small blocks. I have enough in the cellar that I will probably pass this year.

Anyone know if they, or their area in the RRV, was affected by smoke taint in the wines in next year’s release, the 2020’s?

I looked and their prices increased $4 per bottle. Not cheap by an means, but not a huge price increase.