Rochioli 2011 Special Cuvee Pinot - anybody tried?

I am told it is currently being poured and for sale in their tasting room.

No idea on this but over the years they have had small lots of wine released in the tasting room. I remember a “Lot YPN” that I picked up many moons ago that was a cuvee of Young vine Pinot Noir.

Have not tried this vintage. This is typically a step below the Estate Pinot. That being said it is hard to go wrong with a bottle of Rochioli Pinot. I may order a few bottles and have them included with my SVD’s which should ship next month.



I really enjoyed the 2005 version of this bottling. Lighter than the estate in character it also seems uncola-ish and more feminine in style, at least in 05 where I killed almost a case.

Tried it Thursday…light in color, tight nose but nice berry, spicy flavors and a soft finish. Needs some time to develop. Blend of Swan, Pommard and 777.

$40 per with a 12 bottle limit.

Thanks. Think I might head over there this afternoon to check it out.

Had a taste yesterday and felt the nose was pretty closed and it just seemed too light in several aspects. The 10 Estate Chardonnay was terrific FWIW.

I assume you mean the '11 Estate Chard? That is the current release.

I got to try the '11 SC Pinot a couple weeks ago, agree it was pretty closed and light. The only Pinot I can remember tasting that had literally zero mid-palate, the person handling my pourings even commented on that. Not knowing what I might be able to get of the next Estate Pinot (it seems to be conspicuously absent from their upcoming release schedule) I decided to take a chance that it would develop with some age and told them I wanted 4 of the SC Pinot and 2 of the Chard. When I got home and opened the box I found they had actually given me 2 Pinot and 4 Chard - maybe they did me a favor.

You referred to the 2005 being light as well…to which I agree. So the '11 was even more so?

I’ve got a few bottles coming but am inclined to give them at least a little bottle age before opening one.


I would absolutely let them rest Tom. While the 05 was lighter than the 05 Estate it still had body and real ready fruit; this wine really didn’t make my radar though admittedly I had but 2-3 sips.

I’d love to read winery commentary about how this bottling arose after a few good vintages (07 & 09) when it was not made. Now 05 was a great year and the wine showed that vintage off nicely but 2011 was really cool and all I hear is how challenging it was.

They did do a Special Cuvee in 07. I went through a half case and actually preferred it to the 05. It appears there are a number of notes in Cellartracker. Like you though I would be curious on the thought process as to when this wine is produced.


Now that you mention it I recall I missed this wine in 07. I was in the tasting room like 2 weeks before it began its run and was a little PO’ed I couldn’t even taste it, by the time I got back over it was gone!