Robert started a thread on great wines - how about the great vintages for your palate

For me,

Bordeaux - have had very little 1961 so I have to go with 1982, although I love good 1970s.
Burgundy - Too young to really know yet, but I am going to take a flyer and say 2010. Otherwise, would be 1978.
White Burgundy - Also still very young, but I am going with 2014.
Germany - 1971 and 1990.
California Cabernet - 1991.

Don’t have strong enough opinions on other regions to comment but would love to see what others have to say

78 and 85
BDX right bank 85 and 98
Leftbank 82 and 89
Northern Rhone 78 and 91

2007 CdP! Who’s with me?? :wink:

In seriousness, this is probably a minority opinion here, but I really like 07 CS from Napa and Sonoma. I also like 07 Barolo.

Red Burgundy - 1959, 1961, 1978, 1985
Bordeaux - 1959, 1961, 1982


Hard to say really, but Rioja reds - 1964, 1981, 1982, 1994, 2005, probably same for Ribera del Duero.

Tokaj - assuming only the modern vintages post Communism, 2013.

Rhine - 1990, 2001

N. Rhone reds - 1990, 1999

Napa Cab-based - 1987, 1991, 1994, 2001

Bordeaux - 1982 (w/some killer 1989s)

Cali Cab - 1991 (w/some killer 1994s)

Chinon - 2005, 1989 (higher highs in '89 but more variability, while 2005 everything wins)

Northern Rhone - I’m gonna toss out 2010 as the future great

I really like 2001 Southern Rhone, 2014 Beaujolais, 2014 Chinon, 2014 Bordeaux, not quite sure if they are great but they hit a spot for me.

Bordeaux, 1961,1982, 1989,1990
CNdP 1988,89 and 90
Napa Cabs, 1987, 1991,92,93 and 94
Chianti Classico, other Tuscan reds, and Gaia Barbaresco 1988,89 and 90

Bordeaux '82, '00, and '03

Cali Cab '71, '94, '13

Only included vintages I was able to buy on release.

Germany: 2001 and 2012
Sauternes: 2001
Burgundy: 2002, 2005, 2010
Bordeaux: 1996, 2000
Port: 1994 (early returns are positive), 2000 (I hope)

California is too big and varied for me to pick a vintage of anything.

Sorry; you aren’t allowed to like 2003 bdx. Please revise your opinion.

Todder likes Napa vintages!


I know, it bothers me every time I pick it blind. I’m headed to Atlanta this March once again, and if '03’s are in the mix, I’ll rate them last while blind, thinking the one I like the least is '03, then I’ll likely see that my favorite was the '03…again

One recent vintage for all regions: 2010.

2010 for red and white Burgundy

Certainly rocked it in most of the regions that I favor!

+1 for 2010. BDX (particularly left), brunello, California (generally speaking), Rhône, Burgundy…

But I got married in 09 and have a soft spot for the vintage, itself no flop in several of those regions.

My plan is to “tour” the great wines of the world (2009 where possible) on our anniversary each year with my wife (who enjoys a glass and humors my interest)

To add a vintage that not listed above I’m a big fan of 2008 for both Red Burgundy and Barolo. Both are very elegant/classical/cool vintages with wonderful aromatics and energetic palates.

I’ve opened almost nothing from this vintage/these regions, maybe I’ll try an ‘08 Groffier GC Village with a bit of a decant. In Piedmont I bought my favorite producers in 2008 and haven’t opened anything but a few nebbiolos that are long long gone.

How are you finding wines from these regions/vintage drinking now? Not too young? Certainly I have high hopes for my sleeping cellar.

Also, 1990 and 2015. 2015 is awfully good in Burgundy, Bordeaux and Germany. I think the only 2015s I have tasted from California have been Ridge Zins, but they have been really good. For Robert, my sense is that 2014 is a better vintage for Loire reds than 2015, but I have only tasted a few.

Port 1970
California Cabernet 1978
Bordeaux 1978 as well
Germany 1971
Champagne 1982
and just because I’m pretentious, Madeira 1862