Robert Sinskey Pinot Blanc

2011 Sinskey Pinot Blanc Los Carneros

I’m struck by the gorgeous clarity & golden color. Typical to Pinot Blanc, great floral aromatics. Precise, pure palate, but showing plenty of richness. Each sip is beautifully balanced. Really enjoying this.

I understand they only bottle this in 375 or Magnum. Mine was the 375.

Thanks for the note. Have six of these and will open one this weekend. Enjoy Sinskey wines across the board and think they are some of the best value out there. Maybe the size of their production works against them.



Anthony - Any thoughts on drinking window? We picked up some 375s (which are all long gone) and a Magnum of the 2012 from the winery last spring. The Magnum bottling is donnhoff-riesling like…e.g. a pretty giant bottle.

Joe - 375’s run around $22.

Price because I live in Washington where we have extra taxes was $25.

Drinking window- enough acid to prop this up for some more time, but this 2011 was in such a great place. Aromatics & palate showing very pure & precise.

This sounds similar to the 2012 Michel Schlumberger PB I am enjoying tonight. If you are on the West coast and have a nearby Grocery Outlet it can be had for a paltry $4.99.

These are a touch spendy, but I love this wine. The last one I had was the 12 and its probably my favorite pinot blanc i’ve ever had. Much heavier than Alsacian PBs, but wow its good and great with food.

So tonight we’re having the Horse & Plow version of this wine from their “Gardener” label. As far as I know, they are the only other producer getting Sinskey Pinot Blanc. This is the 2013. I’m pretty struck by the different approach. This one is much higher in acid & more mineral driven. My slight beef is the lack of florals one typically finds in PB. Blind, I would have bet a digit this was Chablis.