Robert Parker steps in, to help shipping laws change!" onclick=";return false;

Or, is this one of those “behind the scenes” a la Sierra Carche investigations?

Come on, Bob, stop buying 2007 CDP and help the consumers. Shit, you are the consumer advocate!

I love it when people say stuff like, “You have no idea what I’m doing behind the scenes. I’m working my ass off. Behind the scenes. No, I can’t tell you about it. Or talk to you about it. Or show it.” Okay … It’s kind of like when someone writes a really crappy piece of fiction, you tell them so, and they respond by saying, “But that actually happened!” Sure. Great. But it’s still crappy fiction.

You know, you have it all wrong buddy. He IS a consumer who just happens to love wine, write about it and control markets. What’s the big deal?

While I realize people in the wine world think Parker is an all-powerful God, what the hell kind of influence do people imagine he has in the political process? A professional wine critic who got rich advising people what $100 wines to buy would be just about the worst person to enlist on your side in a political effort to liberalize shipping laws (other than squeezing him for big donations). You want to enlist the small mom-and-pop liquor store owner who wants to be able to ship across state lines to put food on his family’s table, not the Emperor with a cellar full of Lafite.

Or a cellar of 2007 CDP!

Isn’t he opening himself up to a libel/slander/defamation suit by accusing them of corruption without proof? I thought Mark Squires, Esq. would surely see that and delete RMP’s post.

So you mean like being a stock analyst and buy $1 mil dollar worth of whatever before issuing a “buy” rating?

Robert Parker has a special permit that allows him to have wine shipped direct to him in Maryland. From a personal consumer standpoint, he’s already covered - unlike everyone else in Maryland.

I am SURE that is related solely to his business and professional tastings. None of THOSE wines shipped are for HIS personal consumption.

Except for those cases he imports from France BEFORE he gives his final bottle scores.

That goes without saying… newhere

P. Robert…Robert P…and now this post…hmmm anyone ever seen them in the same room?

I spoke with Mr. Parker (the real one, you know, the one who lives in Monkton, MD, and has a wine writer’s permit) this week, and he promised to send a letter to Governor O’Malley, letting him know about his unhappiness with current Maryland law. We are excited that he has finally agreed to weigh in on this debate. Please join our cause to make 2010 our vintage if you have not done so already.

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But also purchasing $1 million dollars’ worth of derivatives insurance so that you can short your own portfolio in anticipation of its crashing.

And then owning sufficiently many politicians so as to be certain that the taxpayers [well, really their children and grandchildren] will be left holding the tab when the insurance company goes broke.

I understand what you are saying but I think Parker should be speaking up. Having some experience with the shipping issue in Indiana I would be of the opinion that the more is written the better. The more light the pro-shipping people can shed on the subject the better. I don’t care where it comes from.

I may be biased but most of the anti-shipping rhetoric is BS. The more light shown on the BS the better. Parker won’t get anything changed but shedding light or an opinion can’t hurt anything. He SHOULD be bringing this issue (and more on temp controlled shipping but that is another story) forward if he’s really an “advocate”. But whether or not he’s that much of an advocate, anymore, is another issue, too.