Robert Mondavi Cab. Reserve Signed 6L -1978 & 1974 Magnum

Dear Berserkers
I had this post several months back - we sold the bottles and after they were received we discovered we had confused the vintages. If we could start over
here is the correct information.

The 1978 is a 6Liter bottle which is personally signed by Mr. Robert Mondavi, that bottle was sold and shipped to a fellow Berserker member and the bottle is now in his home in New York.
He would be quite comfortable to vouch for the condition of the bottle.

1 1978 6Liter bottle - $1,200
We will have some additional expenses we have of the 6Liter styro foam shipping carton + shipping to your location, .

We also have 1974, Robert Mondavi, Cabernet Reserve, Magnum. This bottle is NOT signed
Condition, fill level on both bottles is excellent.
This bottle is in Hawaii The minimum we would accept is $450 for the 1974 Magnum bottle.

Please email me directly with questions or your interest

Thank you…