Robert Dentice - German Wine's Radical Love Machine

Saw this on Robert “soilpimp” Dentice’s IG this morning. Fun interview about how he got into German wine and what projects are going on right now, including #rieslingstudy and his recent partnership with Stephen Bitterolf on Source Material.

really nice piece.
thanks for posting

as usual for robert, very cool indeed

Cool article and another person to follow on IG.

Thanks for sharing, that is rad. I’ve found a lot of my wine buddies connect deeply on music as well. I think both are an appreciation for thoughtfulness and pleasure of the senses so there is overlap. Madlib produced one of the greatest hip hop albums ever made (madvilainy). I think I sold Robert Dentice a couple bottles of Frank cornelessin wines years ago on the old Parker board.

Cool! Great stuff! champagne.gif

I have greatest admiration for his knowledge and helpfulness. And he’s always nice to everyone on the boards, which I greatly respect.

Thrilled to see Robert (and German Wine) getting this recognition. He sure can move the market through IG!

I hope he won’t mind my sharing a funny story: maybe 5 or 6 years ago, we were in Copenhagen with Robert and his wife, having lunch that day at Amass. Robert was posting some very cool pics as usual, when the GM came up to the table and said “Excuse me, are you Soilpimp? (Extending his hand to shake) Man, it’s awesome to meet you! I’ve been following you for years!” :slight_smile:

Congrats Robert. They really grokked you. Rare to see that in the press.

Great article.

This really resonated…

“focus on a style that you like, taste widely, try some things with age, don’t be afraid of cellaring entry-level bottles.”

Germany excels there like no other, especially for the price points.

Very cool article.

I will share a small anecdote about Robert. When I first started posting here Robert took the time to PM me several times to share knowledge about German Rieslings and to make me feel very welcome on the boards. Several others who have already posted did the same including Brian. It’s great to have people like Robert and Brian that take their own valuable time to share their knowledge and love for German Riesling with others and who continue to give Riesling recognition as top tier varietal in the world of wine.

Great article!

Glückwunsch, Robert!

Thanks. I enjoyed that.

Thank you all for the very kind comments. It makes me very happy to do anything I can for all of the great growers in Germany.

I remember that and truth be told that happens a lot in wine circles due the popularity of IG. However I went to a fairly big Hip Hop show in LA and somebody was screaming from the crowd Rieslingstudy! THAT was pretty amazing…

They need all the help they can get these days. When all this COVID crap is over I would love to talk to you about how to help them more.

Please just say the word, anything I can do.

And here I thought Radical Love Machine was a really bad English translation of Einstürzende Neubauten~

More like I want to help.

Great article. Congrats Robert! What’s the other 5% of celllar?