Roar 06 SLH Appellation

lovely nose of Pinot perfume but frizzante in my mouth with lots of cola and weird green bitterness. ever taste Liquid Chlorophyll? this is like that + PN; near dreadful and, YIKES, i have more. this has to be flawed?

180* from last night’s excellent & youthful1995 Freemark Abbey Bosche Cab Sav.

I’ve never done well with young SLH ROAR…my least favorite. Hold the rest for a few more years…drink Rosella’s now!

Aren’t you in Napa?

I opened my first one of these last week and had a totally different experience. Admittedly, I am a big Roar fan, but I had never had the SLH appellation pinot before, just the single vineyards. I thought it was very concentrated and fruity and really enjoyed it.

Buzz - i am working like a slave. seriously have a lovely woman @ one hospital with an open abdominal wall and her viscera in the wind secondary to a complex intra-abdominal infection - i am going nowhere but to work.

this bottle had to be flawed in some way Sherri, i remain a big ROAR fan though this bottle went largely down the drain for ~ $30.