Rivers Marie Visit

Last week had a chance to catch up with Will at RM. Always a highlight of our trip and catching up with Will is like seeing an old friend. Had a great chance to try a little of everything in the RM line-up and of course it was all great, but one wine stood out. We got the chance to try Will’s new cab project and it was fantastic. Great story behind the vineyard source and could not be happier for what will surely be success for Will.

I think he is releasing later this year, so I would recommend checking it out.

On the RM front, the 2010 Summa was probably one of the best domestic pinots I have ever tried.

What is the name of Will’s new wine?

Tentatively… William & Mary


Were you tasting the 14 cabs? We ran through some 13’s with him in June and they were killer!

Yes… and yes!!!

That’s a college!

… only on the East Coast… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: