Rivers Marie offer just hit!

6 pack offered, ships in Nov. No brainer…

Easy order


Is this the cab release? Is this more allocated than the pinot and chardonnay releases? Just joined the list in the last year and picked up both the pinot and chardonnay but didn’t get any email today.

Cab Release is on July 21st (per Will Segui). I didn’t get an allocation for the PN and Chard tho :confused:

Given the unusual circumstances around COVID & SIP, there were a few things earmarked for distribution that weren’t picked up. The offer is (3) 2018 Summa, (1) 2018 Silver Eagle, (1) 2018 Occidental Ridge & (1) 2017 Summa. The Cabs release to the entirety of the list on the 21st of July.

I’m in, as usual. Thanks, Will.

Hey Will, any new vineyards for the Cabernet portfolio?

There are some new things on the way but nothing in 2018. Just the welcomed return of a few favorites we weren’t able to bottle from 2017.

Hmm, been buying RM pretty regularly but didn’t get the offer.

Strange- I’ve bought I thought every release, but no offer for me.

Some beautiful wines! I bought them earlier this year and am really impressed by the depth, intensity and balance of the Occidental Ridge bottling. The Sonoma Coast wine (not part of this offer apparently) was fabulous, especially at its price point. Mine are all gone [cheers.gif].

Same here, Kyle / Alan. Not sure I’d buy more, though, as I bought in the regular PN release window.

Agree on the Sonoma at $30. It was amazing.

Yeah, I’ve bought every offer since 2014. No offer here as well.

No offer here either

No offer here either and I have purchased consistently since 2013, although I buy much more cab than PN.

Same for me. No offer but I buy pretty regularly, hmmm

No offer here either. Not that I am in a position to buy right now.

I think I say that when I get every offer…yet I buy more wine :slight_smile: