Riverain - Thomas Brown Oakville Tench Vineyard Cabernet and Cardiac Hill Syrah!

It is great to be back once again for Berserker Day. A big thank you to Todd and the crew who make this happen. The choices and selections are varied, unique and there are lots of great deals.

Our offer is detailed below, but the sum of it is 20% off any three pack, 30% off of any six pack and mix and match is ok.

The shipping on any three bottle order is free. There is a three bottle minimum (mix and match is OK).

Riverain focuses on single vineyard wines from great sources. Oakville Tench Vineyard Cabernet, Cardiac Hill Syrah from Bennett Valley (and Yountville Sauvignon Blanc from Gamble Family, but we sold out of that really quickly).

Our winemaker, Thomas Rivers Brown, needs no introduction. He and his team bring incredible focus to getting the details right, especially farming, yields and meticulous vinification.

Tench Vineyard, the source of our flagship Cabernet, was less well known when we started in 2011, but has risen to prominence as the location (next to Screaming Eagle) and huge success of the wines from this vineyard.

As always, we give the Berserkers the preview of our upcoming releases and substantial discounts (which will be released to the mailing list in March).

In 2015 we doubled our vineyard holdings in Tench, but Mother Nature proved she is in charge. Despite a 100% increase in our Tench acreage, we made less wine than in 2014. Yields from Tench for the Cabernet were off nearly 60%, while Syrah was down 40%. But at least the quality is really high.

The wines:

2015 Oakville Cabernet, Tench Vineyard
: TRB thinks the 2015 Tench Cabernet is our best to date. Both bottlings are marked by the very low yields, and are blockbuster in size, and more like a combination of 2012 and 2013 for us. The fruit jumps out of both even at this early stage and the structure and concentration follows. These are denser and “bigger” than the 2012s, but are not shutdown like the brooding, massive and backward 2013s. The 2015 Cabernet covers the entire fruit spectrum but leans more towards purple and black. There is a minerality/rock underpinning which does not always show this early on. There is also an approachability that contradicts the muscle and structure that is lurking in the finish. Eastern Oakville always brings the acid to keep everything balanced.

2015 Bennett Valley Cardiac Hill Syrah: Our Cardiac Hill Syrah gave us great color and concentration, which it seems to do every year lately. Many of you are familiar with this wine and the black olive and lavender components are there to add complexity to the EXTREMELY dark fruit. 40% whole cluster and no new oak, this is a cross between CA and Northern Rhone, which is the way we like it. Just 115 cases this year.

The weather in 2015 was an extension of the drought years, but it was the flowering in May (or lack thereof due to some cold, blustery weather) that kept the yields so low.

Costs on producing world class Cabernet from a prime spot in Oakville have risen, but we think our pricing is very competitive for the quality. We kept the prices the same from last year, despite the very low yields.

The Offer
Please visit http://www.riverainvineyards.com If you have not signed up previously, you will need to do so so your information is captured by the system. Both wines are 20% or 30% off the 2018 mailing list price. Please use the promo code nine when you order to get this pricing.

Mix and match is ok on any of these offers.

Cabernet, (normally $125 per) is now $100 per with a three pack purchase and $87.50 per with a six pack purchase.

Syrah, (normally $50) is $40 per with a three pack purchase and $35 per with a six pack purchase.

Free ground shipping is included on all orders but please note the three bottle minimum.

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Here are the links:

We will ship these in February and March as the weather allows.

Thanks, as always, for your interest. If you have any questions feel free to email me at steve@riverainvineyards.com

In for my traditional order of 2 of each.

Wow, was just going to order 3 Cabs, but the mix and match makes 3+3 a no-brainer. Even better with shipping included!

This is a must order wine for me. Took 5 Cabs and 1 syrah

Thank you gents!

Wonderful wine and a great offer! Thanks

Thanks Phil!

Just bought a 6-pack of syrah… just like last year.

Thanks Bud!

Looking forward to finally trying these wines … [cheers.gif]

Hope you enjoy them Peter. Thanks!

6 bottles ordered! Killed all my '12s long ago and am sitting on the '13s. Look forward to this.

Hi Steve,

How are the 15s in terms of acidity and mouthfeel? I really love the 11 you made.



These are bigger and richer than 2011, due to the vintage, although both were are lowest yields by far. We always seem to get acid and tannin, the ripeness tends to vary based on the weather.

Hope that helps.

In for 6. This is a favorite and my must buy on Beserker Day!

Thanks Michael!

Now for a vertical.
I am still holding these from before.

2012 is drinking very nicely right now.

Did a Riverain vertical awhile back, 2013 was the current release and the 2012 showed well then. The cab is my wife’s favorite wine, period. That’s saying something.

Now I’m just clogging up the offer with pictures.


That’s chef Alex and do you think she loves cooking? She has almost as much fun as we do and she never leaves the kitchen. She knows a lot about wine and now teaches at a local university. Denfinitly has the magic touch when it comes to culinary arrangements.

The Master of Cermonies and his court.

Syrah and Pasta

  • 2011 Riverain Syrah Cardiac Hill Bennett Valley - USA, California, Sonoma County, Bennett Valley
    This continues to be my favorite Syrah. Dead ringer for a Northen Rhone. Incense, olive, sage, charcoal. If you like lots of moving parts and wine that challenges you, then here you go. It’s getting better with age. Good lord…
  • 2012 Riverain Syrah Cardiac Hill Bennett Valley - USA, California, Sonoma County, Bennett Valley
    Dark black color. Nose shows a mushroom note. This seems less ripe than when I tasted last year. Fruit has integrated. The black olive is enthralling. The blood and iron flavors really show now, clearly. Sophisticated Syrah.
  • 2013 Riverain Syrah Cardiac Hill Bennett Valley - USA, California, Sonoma County, Bennett Valley
    Blackberry and very noticeable red berry at the backend. Shows more chalk than the other vintages yet still has the charcoal that I enjoy. Chewy tannins and slightly riper style than the 2011 which is expected.

Hanger Steak and Cabernet Sauvignon

  • 2011 Riverain Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley, Oakville
    Lighter of the three vintages. Cassis and pepper on the attack but a red berry note is lurking behind. Add some dark plum for good measure. This almost looks like a RRV Pinot. I like the leaner elegant showing.
  • 2012 Riverain Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley, Oakville
    Very dark plum color, certainly more concentration than the '11. Spicy palate of cassis, plum, and sandelwood. This was my favorite of the cab flight just because it had everything firing tonight.
  • 2013 Riverain Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, California, Napa Valley, Oakville
    Big hitter alert with this vintage, it screams Napa. 2013 berries were smaller and the structure reflects the higher skin ratio. The nose isn’t even giving up much, palate is a bit astringent with a full dose of angular tannins. Fruit flavor is very dark currant and plum. This vintage has it all but needs a few more years to start unfolding. The drinking window could easily extend 20 years. The winemaker decision to hold back the release 6 months is wise, no reason to get greedy and open this too soon. Patience grasshopper.

Cheese for Dessert with an old Hungarian

  • 1993 Royal Tokaji Wine Co. Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos - Hungary, Tokaji
    This looks just like maple syrup or a Pedro Ximenez. But don’t be fooled, it’s not thick and goopy. There’s an incredible freshness to the wine with nectarine and pear fruit. Nice balance. Perfect pairing for the cheese dish.

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Grabbed a 6 pack of the Cab to share a couple with some wine friends. Thanks for the offer Steve.