RIP The Weather Tread

Well here we are 50-70% done with harvest and its sure been a disappointment. I appreciate the folks who gave their time to bring the summer activities of the farming adventures (suckering/canopy manangment/mildew pressure/fruit thinning) and of course the thrill of harvest. I now realize that the 5 minutes a day…or every other I contributed seemed to carry the thread.

Im not capping or blaming anyone for the death of the thread, its just what happened. I really enjoyed the input and PM’s from folks encouraging me and truly getting the inside life of the job of growing grapes and working closely with my clients.

Ive had a few conversations with the young fellow who replaced me at Ordways Valley Foothills, and he’s done great job of continuing the tradition of quaility farming.

So Ill sit here in my rocker and remember how great i was!

True! I looked forward to reading the weather thread mostly because of your educational and interesting posts.

Maybe come back out of retirement? :pray:

Somehow, Discourse is to blame


They have vineyards in AZ. Just sayin’.


The bummer is that there are quite a few winemakers on here who could be more active in this discussion but are either not aware of the Cellar Rats area or just don’t prioritize the time to do so. I would be more active but dont have the growing insight others do . . .


One could say the tread lost traction when Casey left.

Our sauv blanc was beautiful this year on both ranches. Winery said best looking fruit they took in. We have drip and we’re able to weather the heat. Only issue was deer and squirrels