RIP Sean Thackrey

Just saw that he passed away last night after battling cancer for years.

He made some amazing wines, and was also an incredibly interesting human being.

The world is a less interesting place without him. May he Rest In Peace.

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Indeed. A unique guy who made truly unique wines.


Sad news. He was an inspiration and maverick.

Damn. Rest in power

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Well said. Very sad news.

Had seen most videos involving Sean on YT, but this one was new to me:


I spent a lot of hours with him hand loading his FRB’s from our trailers to his truck. Then we’d have 30-45 mins for the next load. I think my first year was '02? I would pretty much visit him every spring and check on the wines. I’d usually bring him a few cuts of wild game meat.

If anyone can find a picture of him in his younger days…he was a very hot dude.


So sad to hear of Sean’s death. Don’t believe he had any children.
Did a visit with him one time there in Bolinas. Made all his wine in pole barns outside. Right in the middle
of this huge/towering eucalyptus grove, which often came thru in his wines.
After we tasted from barrel, he took me inside & pulled out a couple of btls of old Rhones & we sat there
& drank them & visited for several hrs. He had a keen intellect & asked me a lot of questions on my nuclear background.
And the number of books in his house boggled the mind. Some very old books on winemaking he had collected.
The end of an era.


He was one of a kind. Condolences to his family, friends, and fans.



Sad !
Impressed me as an intellectual man !

RIP. I hope he was happy that his winemaking library found a new home.

Very sad news. I admired his adventurous spirit.

If I may be so bold, I’d like to share this video from the Gang of Pour folks. Perhaps one or two of 'em would like to share an story about him.

Gang of Pour YouTube video
“Sean Thackrey on the Rossi Vineyard and DNA Testing”
May 21, 2010

Thackrey and Company website:


So sorry to hear this. What a fascinating guy - one of a kind for sure. Glad to have had the chance to talk with him briefly a few times though I wish I’d been able to spend more time with him. A true legend of California wine.

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Sad indeed - another icon is gone.

Many folks talk of taking a path less traveled - he seemed to truly live that life and bask in it . . .

RiP but may his wines live forever.


From 2009 to 2015 I lived a mile from the Marin Sun Farms butcher shop – and Thackrey tasting room. I was just getting into cooking and the proximity of his wines to all that meat meant I got into wine then, too. West Marin is made up almost exclusively of eccentrics; what made Thackrey unusual was that he was eccentric and knew what he was doing. I’m sorry he has left us.


Not totally sure why, but since I heard the news I cannot get Legend of a Mind out of my head. Sean always seemed like his soul was bigger than this galaxy.

Shit. Love his wines. A fascinating man

Drinking in his memory tonight


I ran into him at Manka’s Restaurant in Inverness in the '90s and he kind of projected a Crocodile Dundee swagger to me. RIP.


A fascinating man, a unique winemaker. Orion remains the greatest Durif/Petite Sirah ever produced in California. I only knew him a little, but I’m happy I did. RIP

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I knew his was ill and the inevitable would occur but I’ll miss his influence on CA wine. Twice I felt Thackrey wines were my personal WOTY.

His books are for sale for $2M, link to broker readily available online.

Rest peacefully sir.

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