RIP Robert Nueske

Bacon done right

That man taunted me with his delicious pork products. He’d dangle a slice of thick cut ambrosia above my nose, letting me breathe in that sweet/smoky goodness.

“Jew want some,” he’d ask. “Well, Jew know that Jew can’t get any and that’s because…you’re a Jew.”

RIP Bob. May you go to a place where the tomatoes are always ripe, the lettuce is crisp and the mayo is plentiful.


Best non-artisan bacon there is.

Wow! this just came today (ordered it yesterday)

how sad

Sheesh, 68 years old. Too young for anyone. I originally assumed it would be something related to bacon, but it sounds like nothing of the sort:

His death comes as a shock with complications following knee replacement surgery. - See more at: >

Very sad- 68 is too young.
Great gateway products.

Is it too soon for a cremation vs. smoking comment?

RIP Robert - I’m on my way to the store to get some product and eat it in honor.

Triple thick Nueske bacon, one slice per person…

Not only bacon but a bunch of other great products. Great stuff!


+1, excellent hams in particular.

Wow. I’ve been to the store in Wittenberg several times and grew up with one pair of grandparents in Wausau and the other just east of Wittenberg. Got my most recent shipment of bacon, ham, summer sausage, and Canadian bacon a month ago. Lifetime customer and have yet to find better bacon. He will be missed and I love his company’s’ products.