RIP Oregon winemaker Aron Hess

I don’t see any report of this here yet, but apparently well known Oregon winemaker Aron Hess passed away last week. I don’t know details and hope people don’t speculate. I didn’t know him much but had some interesting conversations with him about inter planting vineyards and like that. He and his ex-wife founded Daedalus (now Willful Wine) and the Jezebel label. I know he worked with several people who’ve participated here. Sad news. According to a post on Facebook by Avalon Wines, there will be a remembrance of his life this Sunday at Medici Winery.

A sad story - I first met Adam while he was still with Rex Hill - a very talented winemaker - their Daedalus wines were hit and miss, but he struck gold a couple times with his inexpensive Jezebel label -

I know he and Pam had two young boys (11 and 7 I believe) - very sad news…

That was depressing news. RIP, Aron.

Sorry to hear that. Never met him, but heard a lot of stories as he worked a lot with my friend Peter Rosback of Sineann.

I participated in a blind tasting today of Oregon Pinot’s and the '02 Rex Hill reserve was the run away favorite amongst four wine professionals. I went to find Aron’s contact information to send him a “kudos” note, and was saddened to find this news. I never met Aron, but having tasted this wine I wish I had. Rest in Peace Aron Hess.


I missed this first go around. I only met Aron once, and spent an interesting afternoon tasting a huge range of his wines made from 2001 to 2006. Some I liked a lot (and purchased), and some I didn’t. Aron took no offense at any negative comments, and modestly accepted compliments.

P Hickner