RIP - Jim Barr

As a long time customer of K&L, I regret to announce the passing of Jim Barr.
He worked there for 30 yrs and I called him a friend for that long.
He was always in a good mood and it was fun to talk wine with him.
I will personally, badly, miss him…
Maybe in another life we’ll pound a few.


So sorry to hear the news.

Met Jim in the late 1980’s. Opened up my eyes to all types of varietals, regions, etc.

Saw him last 2 years ago at K&L.

Really good guy.

Hey Rabbit, good to see your name. Always miss seeing names from many moons ago.

Yes, Jim was a good guy. First met him when he and another fellow ran a wine warehouse type store in San Mateo. Rest in peace and he will be missed.


Was sorry to read their notice and tribute to Jim. I interacted with him many times over the years, always a friendly face and very helpful. Will be missed.

I sold Jim wine back in my Morgan days in the mid 80’s Paul. Sorry to hear this news

Wow, hadn’t heard. RIP Jim.

RIP Jim. He was always a pleasure to talk to in the Redwood City K&L. I always used to enjoy his column in the Monthly Newsletter.


Jim, rest in peace with your cat(s).

I first met Jim in 1975, when he was working for an English man in a wine warehouse type store in South San Francisco. A true friend of wine. [cheers.gif]

I’m very sorry to hear that. RIP Jim.