Ringing up the Coche-register

My first Coche Perrieres. I approached this in a sceptical frame of mind because 2 or 3 Leflaive Chevalier Monties can be had for the same price this sells for in HK. This was a relative bargain off a restaurant wine list in that town in Bourgogne which rhymes with the French word for a large crustacean. Complete capitulation. What follows is a little OTT.

2009 Coche-Dury Meursault 1er Cru Les Perrieres

Deep, sumptuous white peach and orchard fruits saturate the palate, all poised on a fine citrus and mineral spine. Richness and tension. Like plunging into a green, limpid, refreshing rock pool and then being shot out down an adrenaline tinged rapid. Stunning wine.

Good job Jeremy.
This wine can be had in Burgundy for a pretty nice price.
Less than the Leflaive Chevaliers for sure.
We have the same problem in the US with pricing on this.
Love the note.

One of the best wine-puns I’ve heard, Jeremy. Is that original? [cheers.gif]

Our ‘Jeremy’ posters certainly have a way with words. Nice job !

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of mentioning Jeremy approaches 1.

ps - that restaurant has the best children’s menu I have ever seen.

Hmmm. Could use some help. Got the town of course but not the specific restaurant. Will be there in a few months and need both a good children’s menu and a bunch of this tasty wine…

One of my very favorite restaurants in Burgundy. Great food and excellent Coche list. There is only one very nice restaurant in that particular town BTW.

BTW, at that restaurant a couple of weeks ago, we had a 2010 Ramonet Batard for reasonable money that was excellent. Quite young. Wound up but a really stellar future. The followup wine… a 2006 Coche Dury Meursault Perrieres (not quite as reasonable as the 09 that Jeremy had) was just transcendental. An absolutely stunning wine with an infinite finish. FWIW.

Ah yes Jeremy, a relative treasure trove of well priced Coche at unsaid restaurant in cryptic Burgundy town south of Beaune.

Coche’s ‘Perrieres’ is sublime and still affordable at a few restaurants in France. The retail price tends to get gouged unfortunately. The caveau in Chassagne had some recently for around $1k.

Thanks for the note.

Best Regards
One of the other Jeremy’s (not the grumpy Seysses one)

My favorite restaurant in the Côte d’Or without question and agree one of the best to satisfy one’s Coche desire.

at the risk of being Coche, I mean gauche, what’s the restaurant?

What is it with you guys named Jeremy & punny topic titles posted from Burgundy?

Nice note on what sounds like a great wine Jeremy!

Ok, I’ll give. Après du Clocher in Pommard.

I’m going to be in that town of a rhyming word (staying nearby) and I’m planning on eating at (un)said restaurant in three months. I hope there’s still some wine left! rolleyes

Oops, now everyone knows. [wink.gif]

Ask for the gallbladder attach dessert there also - definitely better than a chimichanga in increasing your LDL :slight_smile:. Yummy! The wine there at the restaurant will help to counteract this…

Kid’s menu was something like hommard gnocchi followed by chocolate fondant !

I actually thought this note was by J1 (and not J2).

Very similar in style!

You guys should get together for a drink or three…

“My first Coche” gave it away that it was not Mr. Holmes. He was suckled on Coche Meursault.

Yeah, true, lol.

Should have known better…