Rieslingstudy Memphis 4/20 DJ Muggs

Rieslingstudy returns to Memphis on 4/20! Last years event featuring Cut Chemist was an incredible success.

We will do an afternoon collector BYOB lunch at The B-B-Q Shop and then spend an evening listening to great music at The Central Station Hotel. Legendary music producer DJ Muggs will be headlining the event and if last year is any indication there will be a bevy of local Music celebrities.

I will be bringing a few cases of wine from my cellar from Keller G-Max to wines dating back to the 1950s!

Hit me up if you need more details or have any interest in attending!


Robert already knows, but I’m coming!

What’s the glassware situation?

Hey All - One week away! We still have room for the lunch. We are starting at 12 noon. I will make sure we have restaurant quality glassware. I am digging deep in the cellar and will bring over a case of old and rare wine from G-Max on down! Several other collectors from LA, NY, Houston and St Louis are coming. The evening event with DJ Muggs is free just show up! Please DM if you have questions or if you would like to attend the lunch. Last year’s event was incredible. We did a full weekend of music and riesling oriented events! Memphis is an absolutely incredible city. It is so welcoming…

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