RieslingKenner - Hermann Ludes Charity Tasting-Chicago 3-19 3-6 pm

This Sunday, March 19 - RieslingKenner is collaborating with the guys at Vom Boden to host a tasting of the wines from Hermann Ludes here in Chicago. It is a great opportunity to taste about a dozen wines from the 2021 and 2020 vintages. I am planning to bring a couple older wines to share, from my cellar, to add perspective and depth to the deep dive into this unique and traditional producer.

As is the case with all of our events, 100% of the proceeds go to support a charity that we feel deserves the attention and support. This event will go to support the wonderful efforts of the Abundance Setting ( abundancesetting.org )

I can’t stress enough just how good these wines are, particularly the 2021 vintage. Man oh man, these wines are electric!

The ticket link is below:

I hope you can join us and please share with friends that you may think would appreciate this kind of event.

Is there any way to subscribe to a mailing list where these events are announced? I’d love to attend one, but I live in Indianapolis and need more than a few days notice to make arrangements.

Hey charles , would love to have you out at our next one. Instagram is our primary source and it’s obviously limited tool, I barely use it but our other guys do it well. I will make sure to reach out and get you on our distribution list as it is a work in progress. We will get better though ! Excited to meet up and drink Riesling soon. Thanks.

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Thanks. Much appreciated.