RieslingKenner - 2018 Keller Abtserde GG charity raffle

Yep win a bottle of 2018 Keller Abtserde GG for $20 bucks.

Inspired recently by the great charitable work of Stephen Bitterolf at Vom Boden and Clay Fu at Winebeserkers, we thought we would start with a small raffle to help out those in need. Part of our charitable mission at RieslingKenner is to support food security. Across the country food banks are being crushed by demand these days. We have a bottle of 2018 Keller Abtserde GG Riesling that just arrived and thought for $20 bucks it might generate some interest and a few donations. If this goes well we may have other bottles to raffle off soon also. Here’s how it will work.

Donate $20 USD (or more) directly to the Lakeview Food Pantry (link provided) and you will be entered to win the bottle. We will randomly draw a winner on December 13th (Once minimum goal is reached) and send that person the bottle. If you want to donate anonymously on the site and send us an email to be entered into drawing that’s ok.


One entry per person. Will ship from Chicago, weather permitting anywhere in US. Can also send through Domaine storage.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

Regards, the RieslingKenner Team

Adam Caldwell and Patrick Rauber




Thanks for doing this. Just donated. Although as a proud RieslingKenner Board Member I an ineligible to win so higher odds for everyone else!

excellent idea
Atlanta representing!

Atlanta is always representing. We all appreciate your support and enthusiasm. Thank you.


Great raffle idea!

Thanks for doing this for a great cause Adam. I just donated.

In. Happy to help out.


Happy to support this good cause.


:+1: count me in — just drank a bottle of this with Thanksgiving (with a healthy decant given how young), and it was phenomenal — the winner will be very lucky indeed, as will the pantry thanks to the generosity of Rieslingkenner and the donors…

Thanks. Done.

I also wouldn’t be shy about keeping people updated on progress on IG and other social media. I think Charlie and Stephen were able to raise more by reminding people who might need a few nudges and keeping up interest.

Good luck!

Thank you all for the generous support. Also good idea on the updates and nudges Jayson. We may have other bottles coming soon as well !

Had the 2012 yesterday and it was stunning. Some background on this vineyard: