Riesling Fellowship Dinner 18 April 2017, NYC

(i might have written more about the Sekt, but am currently at work translating the estate’s website…)

Thanks James.

Wow - did I read that right, James. With that selection of wines, your wine of the night was the 2004 Donnhoff Norheimer Dellchen Spatlese?

Nice write-up, James. Would’ve loved to see Cathy, who is from my hometown. Might have to pull a bottle of that 04 Donnhoff (altho I own so few 04s, despite loving the vintage, that I die a little when I open one - good thing that elixer revives me!). Thanks

indeed, Bob, ’twas the Dellchen Spätlese that proved the most memorable…

but then again, i am partial to Spätlesen, and to the Nahe (which could well be the only good to have come from the Wine Law of 1971…)

out of the dinner wines, Selbach-Oster and Keller left the best impression.

thanks much, Maureen. I love simply being in the same room with Cathy; even better when we get the chance to talk!

Lars Carlberg – Mosel Wine – has adopted my bastard daughter, fed her so that she grew a bit, and taught her better manners.

I sat with David and Cathy at the first Rieslingfeier dinner. I have known David for a long time (since the mid-1980s) but it was the first time I had met Cathy. Had a wonderful time talking to them.

I also included Howard G. Goldberg’s flattering comment.