Riedel BOA decanter

My son bought me this decanter as a birthday surprise.

This is the first night using it. We poured a magnum of Neal family vineyards 2003 second chance vineyard. It will be interesting trying to pour it!

What will be really interesting…is trying to clean that damn thing!! :slight_smile:

I was told by the head somm at Meadowood recently the best way to clean decanters is espresso machine powder like this:


Just ordered some and will give it a shot.

Was that pun deliberate?

Actually I love decanters and collect antiques ones. They bring a whole new element to a dinner party. The Riedel will be a lot of fun.


It looks like it could double as a shofar.

I was thinking the same thing. Not something I would actually want to use.

I bet it works well on bretty wines…since it looks like a colon :slight_smile:

I had to look that one up!

This is looking nice, actually I´ve already seen it in action … well, not really very practical, but fun to look at …
Nevertheless IMO the shape of a decanter is (almost) unimportant for the purpose of airing a wine - the most effect is the way of “pouring” …

I think it’s a fun piece Kevin. All joking aside, use it in good health.

The rabbi was proud, at first, when his friend told him that he had seem his wife that afternoon blowing the shofar.

“Blowing the shofar” might just be my new favorite euphemism.

Actually it is very easy to pour. I will be using it a lot!

shape is important re the surface area of wine exposed when in decanter. I never use the fat ones for Burgs, preferring a carafe shape so aromatics aren’t lost.

Me too. This is such an educational site!

Bank of America makes decanters?

Open a new account and get this or a toaster!