Ridge wines help me pick

A guy I know has these in his inventory.
I kept asking him to sell me one but he balked each time

Well he finally broke down and told me he would offer a sole bottle for purchase…here are my choices

2012 mill zin
2011 lytton syrah
2013 dusi zin
2012 kite zin
2009 lytton Petite sirah
2012 lytton Grenache
2011 Luton syrah Grenache
2014 buchignani zin
2011 buchignani zin
2012 mazzoni zin

Which should u get? Would love to hear your experiences with any of these bottlings.

Of those on the list, we really liked the 2012 Mill and Kite Zin’s. Bought a few bottles of each and they are long gone.


Looks like ATP wines.

Definitely all ATP wines. Of those I recall enjoying the 2011 Lytton Syrah/Grenache the most. ATP wines aren’t hard to get, you just need to sign up. And, they’re on average probably only around $30/bottle.

Andy Kei!!or

Tell him he forgot to put a monte bello on the list

Unless you live somewhere were shipping is an issue, or your friend is giving you a great deal, I would simply go online and buy for yourself. The Zins are not hard to find.

$25 a bottle…I do not like to ship wines in like Bobby Alfert

After some time on the ATP list, I decided that I would rather buy Geyserville and Lytton Springs.

Me too (though I got my ATP on the secondary market).