Ridge memberships????

Can someone explain to me this membership club? Specifically the Monte Bello which i was under the impression was “affordable” but i see that on CT peoples price is about $110 per 750 which puts this into a higher tier for me. But their website says members get 40% as futures. Is $110 the futures price?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Yes, the club allows you to buy an allocation of futures. The price changes year to year, but the 2013 was, for example, $98.00 on the futures. Likely tax and delivery are included in the $110 price you see

Ridge Monte Bello is not ever to be confused with “affordable”. It’s a great wine that ages well. But retail is about $160 I believe.

I used to be a member, and it was one of the better bargains out there. Not so much anymore.

What is the minimum purchase to be a member?

Copied from their site


According to my records, my 2014 futures were $105 plus tax and shipping (so about $116 all-in). I think the minimum is 2 bottles (in 2 bottle increments).

Affordable is always of course subjective

MB is however a comparative great value in the world of high end cab’s. I started the futures with 13’s so will get the first wines next month

It is an even better deal if you are able to get up to free (to members) assemblage tastings. They are getting much more popular however so you need to jump on the RSVP before they are sold out.

I have been buying Monte Bello through the club but have stopped because of my age. The difference between this wine and many other California reds is track record. They have been making wine that ages incredibly well for over 50 years. Are there any Monte Bellos that are over the hill? I have not tasted one.

If you don’t want to pay this much, just age Geyserville.