Rhys summer offer is live

Anyone buying?

I haven’ received the e-mail yet.

Trying to decide if I want to jump in on my first offer. From reading the forums, it sounds like these take a an awful long time to come around.

Always a buy. The only decision is how many of which.

Eric…They do take some time to come around, but the reward is worth it. As with most wines that I enjoy; they all need some time in the cellar to mature.

wines are good. purchase decisions are always a question of cost.

if you want to buy pop and pours, these may not be the wines for you. not what they are trying to make.

I am considering dropping. I understand their logic with limiting allocations so tightly, but I refuse to buy just 1 of any wine. I’d rather just spend the money and get the wines I want on the secondary market. They are increasingly available.

I am buying and will sit and wait on these. I have a hard time keeping my hands off of the Bearwallow Vineyard though on release so I usually drink those pretty quick

Chardonnay and skyline.

Apparently, , the Hillside release is tied to this order.

No. Ordering this year is the gage for Hillside.

I can’t take my full allocation, I’m sure there are plenty in my boat. Wishlist what you want, I’ll bet quite a few of those will be granted.

I don’t get all this “takes forever to come around” stuff. I tend to find the wines delicious no matter what age they are when i open them. Mature? Of course not. But with some air and service at the right temp, they are always very attractive drinks even young.


Most of the wines are always enjoyable. Showing mature flavors, not so much, but apparently wines that don’t strut fully developed flavors in 5 years are just too demanding for folks.

Cannot for the life of me figure out how folks have enough patience for Burgundy.

Yes. I lean on Horseshoe now as it has become my favorite of the Rhys wines. I also grabbed all the Skyline, too. Unfortunately, I just don’t drink enough as the only person in my house doing still wines, and I need budget for bubbly. [wink.gif] So like Alan, I left wines on the table that I am sure others can now access. I’ve been with Rhys now since the 2007 vintage and I enjoy these wines, so my order is in.

I’m also with Maureen, in that there is a mentality around these wines that they need to be bought and put away into a dark place. They are all not this way.

PS–800 views on this thread just today…says something about how these wines raise awareness around here.

I agree with this statement 100%.
Even though funds are a bit tight, I’m buying all I can afford.

Here are one set of proposed drinking windows published on the Rhys website:

Family Farm: 2020-2060
Home: 2022-2050+
Horseshoe (Pinot): 2022-2060
Skyline: 2022-2060
Horseshoe (Syrah): 2021-2060
(and later this summer)
Alpine Hillside: 2024-2060+
Horseshoe Hillside: 2024-2060+

It’s a mystery why people would think we should sit on these waiting for development.

Buying, but my quantities have gone down as prices have gone up and Rhys is already too big a percentage of my cellar. Love the wines.

Pro tip: hope you took your Syrah allocation.

I buy all the pinot and Chard.
No mags and no Syrah.

I’d like to buy two bottles this round, but four bottle minimum. More for all of you!

Any reason to rush and buy in May? I’d like my purchase to go into my June budget.